The Rosetta Stone – Japanese

November 15, 2009

Ok so I just completed Level 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1 and here are all of the translations. Please note that where there are additional meanings besides what is intended for use by The Rosetta Stone I have included those other meanings.

Nagete なげて To throw
Uketomete うけとめて To catch
Kumade くまで Broom, rake.
Fuku ふく To crawl /copy something / stoop, crouch or lie down / to blow (wind) / to emit / to wipe or dry something.
Kette けって To kick.
Tobihanete とびはねて To hop or jump up and down.
Hohende ほへんで To smile
Yubisashite ゆびさして To point.
Shimbun Newspaper
Denwa でんわ Telephone
Chiisana ちいさな Small (like a child)
Waratte わらって To laugh
Kaite かいて A buyer / to write
Nekoronde ねころんで To lie down, be asleep, or to be sick in bed

As I go through all three levels of the Rosetta Stone I will be posting my vocabulary here. Also I will be posting any additional vocabulary that I learn from my Japanese language courses taken at the university.

Vocabulary Translation for The Rosetta Stone – Japanese Level 1 Unit 1 – Enjoy :)

November 14, 2009
The Rosetta Stone
– Japanese

Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1






otokonoko boy
inu dog
neko cat / asleep in bed
kuruma car
onnanohito woman
otokonohito man
hikooki plane
zoo elephant
uma horse
booru ball
to door / if / person
ni load, baggage, cargo / takes after his _______.(mother)
notte a form of noru – to get on, to ride in, to mount or to board.
iru fry, roast, broil / to get in / to get going
no possessive particle where one noun modifies another noun.
ue hunger, starvation / above, summit, over, top of, upper part
teeburuu table
shita tongue / under, beneath, below
booto boat

Lesson 2
tobikoete jump over, go over something
tonde to jump or fly
hashitte to run
tachi two or more people
aruite to walk
odotte to dance
to if (conjunction)
hon book
yonde to read
oikakete to chase after someone, something, or a dream
korobi to fall, tumble or slip
kakete hang like in midair
suberi slip or slide
ochi to fail at something / to fall
oyoide to swim
tobiorite to jump down or off of something

Lesson 3
shiroi white
shite hero, protagonist, leader, leading person or thing
iro colour
akai red
sakana fish
tori bird
kiiroi yellow
aoi the colour blue / inexperienced, green, unripe / pale
kuroi black
atarashii new
pinku pink
furui old (not person), aged, ancient, antiquated
ie no / house
nempai old or elderly person
wakai young person / accomodation, compromise, mediation
kami seasoning, flavoring / god / hair / delicious taste / paper / top, head, upper part, upper stream / emperor
nagai long or lengthy (visit, hair, nose, journey)
mijikai short
totemo very, awefully, exceedingly

Lesson 4
ichi one
ni two
san three
shi four
yon four
go five
roku six
shichi seven
nana seven
hachi eight
kyuu nine
ku nine
juu ten
zero zero
*note* seven and four have two different words since shi also means dead or death and some people choose to avoid making an accidental mistake.

Lesson 5
hitori alone, unmarried / one person
ippon one thing
hana flower
hanabana flowers (plural – field of flowers)
hitotsu one
me eyes or eye / sprout
futatsu two
ippiki one animal
kodomo children
fukusuu plural, multiple
tamago eggs
akachan baby, infant
tobikomi to jump, plunge, or dive into something
utatte to sing
jitensha bicycle
suwatte sitting
ichidai one thing (car, bicycle)
sorera those over there (as in 2 or more)

Lesson 6
futari two people, a pair, a couple
ootobai motorcycle
-nin counter for people. eg. yonin is four poeple, sannin is three people
-ko counter for round thing. eg. yonko is four balls.
sono the, that / garden, park
bangoo number, series of digits (like your address or telephone number)
jikoku instant, time, moment
-ji counter for time in hours eg. rokuji is six oclock.
mado window
-tsu counter for round objects or pieces. eg. mittsu is three windows or balls. itsutsu is five.
sara plate, dish
-mai counter for thin flat objects eh. ichimai is one peice of paper.

Lesson 7
sore it, that
iie no
kanojo she, girlfriend, sweetheart
karera they (usually male)
tabete to eat
hai yes
wo object marker
wa written as ha – subject marker

Lesson 8
pan bread
niku meat
kudamono fruit
gyuunyuu milk
nonde to drink
mizu water
ninjin carrot or ginseng
orenjijuusu orange juice
ite archers, bowman, shooter
banana banana
midori greenery
ringo apple
chiizu cheese
nashi pear (fruit) or without
ichigo strawberries / one word
booshi hat
tabemono food
dewa so
kago mistake, fault / basket, cage / devine protection
haitte second person plural
tasuu a great number,  a majority
fukuro bag, sack
naka inside / relationship
inai within, inside of / less than
notta on or with

Lesson 9
ikutsuka a few
murasakiiro the colour violet
haiiro grey, ashen in colour
chairo light brown
shatsu shirt
kite to come / to wear something / to be around, up, or on something
kabutte to wear
zubon trousers
haite enter
koi carp / request / love, passion / ancient ways / purpose / thick and strong
jiinzu jeans
reenkooto rain coat
mo also / mourning / seaweed
kooto coat
tomo companion, attendant, friend
sukaato shirts (possible plural)
mizugi swim suits
megane eye glasses
kata person / style or model
dake only
issoku footwear
kutsu shoes / stubborn
kutsushita socks

Lesson 10
nowa thing (is written as noha, the no replaces mono which also means thing)
dare who
ga moth / kare wa stu wo kobashita – he spilled stu .vs. kare ga stu wo kobashita – he is the one who spilled stew.
nan what / south / hardship, difficulty / defect
iu to say; is referred to as ……. or is called …….
kono this
dono person (polite), mister, Mr.
dore well now let me see / 3 or more
dochira which, who
kaminoke hair (head)
kare he, boyfriend / curry or udon noodles with curry sauce

It has been a while.

October 28, 2009

Good evening everyone, it has been quite some time since my last post. Now, to get everyone up to speed I unfortunately did not get married in the summer, as we all know a lack of finances can really throw a wrench into your plans. We now have roughly 40% of the money needed saved up and hopefully the rest will not take much longer. My fiancé started at the Lethbridge College this fall and is loving it so far and getting great marks. This is the last semester in my diploma and while I am very eager to finish off the first of many milestones I am also going to be missing this place once I have moved on. The Lethbridge College gets a 10/10 in my books: Great professors, modern buildings (at least for the business students), an ambitious President, and staff that are just the best. Also the vast majority of the students take it very seriously, and are quite the polite bunch when compared to what I witnessed during my one semester at the University of Lethbridge. You won’t find people budging in line or elbowing you out of their way.

My fiancé and me purchased laptops in August; the DV6 by HP and man are they nice, it was also a nice surprise regarding the price Futureshop gave us. I take my laptop with me everyday to the college, for the first month I used it to take notes and study however that really did not work out at all. My first batch of tests were all in the 60’s, and for me that is unacceptable. You do not get into Law School with those kind of grades even if your parents buy it a new wing lol.

I have some new games for my PS3; Metal Gear Solid 4, Warhawk, and Resistance. MGS4 is amazing, great graphics, amazing storyline, and after playing World at War again later on I have to say that the programming for collisions was done very well in MGS4. What I mean by collisions is that in most games you will quite often get ‘stuck’ in a spot and will be unable to move. MGS4 had none of these issues. Also the soundtrack is brilliant. Warhawk was an alright game. It was easy to get started but quickly lost its allure. Good graphics and good fighting but a lack of any story or back history has relinquished this game to my secondary pile which is now collecting dust. Resistance is another game that is was done very well. If you are a graphics junky you probably will not agree with me and I understand why. The graphics were quite PS2 in my opinion, good, but not what one would expect on the PS3. What really made this game great was the storyline. It just grabs you and will not let go which makes it very similar to any of the Call of Duty games, Civilization and Evercrack (Everquest).

Over the next few months I will be covering a set group of topics and on the occasion an update on my own life. Here are those topics.

  • Abortion; I just found out that in Canada it is legal to have one right up until the 9th month. This is going to be a multipart series detailing my exploration of abortion in Canada.
  • The gang rape of a 15 year old girl in the United States and whether bystander’s are free of guilt morally and legally or should they be held accountable. In addition, what could be done to change the way 911 works.
  • Taxes; which party really does favour lower taxes historically. In Canada would it be the Conservatives or the Liberals.
  • My personal view on various legal precedents from Canadian history.
  • My personal exploration of various battles throughout WW1 and WW2.

If anyone has a specific precedent that they would like me to review please just drop me a comment.

I am not a lawyer, nor am I even in law school yet so please take everything I say with regards to Canadian law with a giant grain of salt. I have taken business law and have an interest in law.

Thank you.

Finished my Microeconomics and Marketing Exams

April 21, 2009

I realise that this is not exactly what I thought I would be writing about when I created this blog but my brain is dead and cannot think of anything stimulating. All of these exams, finals, group cases and presentations have had my head spinning.

Well today I completed two of my exams. One was in microeconomics and the other introduction to marketing. The micro exam started at 8am which was actually pretty nice since it was nice and sunny out and the birds were chirping. The exam was ridiculously easy, which was also nice since I was planning on doing well in it and bumping my grade to an A in that class. I needed a 91% and it will be close so here’s to hoping.

The marketing exam started at noon and only took me about 80 minutes when the professor had four hours set aside. I did not find it to be as easy as the microeconomics exam but it was still not too bad. It is my prediction that my result will be low 80’s which wont boost my grade up to A- but it will definitely keep me at a B+. Also in marketing I just got back my mark for the last group case study and we got an 85%.

Tomorrow I have my last exam of the semester. This one is on Organizational Behaviour which has probably been the most challenging course of the semester. Right now I am sitting at a B+ in this class as well and I need an 89% on this exam to boost me up to an A-. Given this I should probably not be here typing but instead be reading through PowerPoint notes or the textbook.

Oh and I got back my final grade in Industrial Relations. An 89% overall which was capped off with a 95% on our simulated labour negotiations group project which was pretty cool in retrospect.

I should have something a little more exciting and stimulating to tell you all about later this week.

12 Year old Girl Sues Dad, and Wins. Score one for Lawyers, zero for Families and Common Sense.

April 7, 2009

Today I read a story on which really peaked my interest. It is about a 12 year old SUEING her own father, and winning. Now the story goes that the father and mother are divorced and the father has full custody. The father states that he found his 12 year old daughter posting inappropriate pictures on the internet for friends and strangers alike to gawk at and most likely do other things with. So he refused to sign her permission form stating that she could go on her grade 6 school trip. In a move that would have scared the shit out of anyone else from a previous generation who even thought of it she sued her father. Now if you think about it the whole thing was probably her moms idea, yah, let’s get back at dad. Anyways, her parents divorce lawyer Lucie Fortin decided that she had a case and that it was more important for the child to post near nude photos of herself all over the internet and to go on her fieldtrip than to learn some respect for herself and her father. Apparently the “Honourable” Judge agreed with her. This is ridiculous and stupid and it makes me even question why I want to be a lawyer. The funny part of this all is that the people involved in helping the girl bring her case forward are saddened because the father and his daughter do not have much of a relationship anymore. Well, no shit Sherlock, how could none of you have seen this one coming? It is time to take off the blinders folks, they are for horses not humans and as my organizational behaviour proff keeps telling us ‘Think! Be Critical!’

This is ridiculous, and in a country that relies on precedent or past rulings to decide on how judges should rule in current cases it is dangerous. So the next time your 12, 14, or even perhaps 10 year does something you do not like, contact your lawyer first before you hand out any punishments. You wouldn’t want to get taken to court by your 10 year old because you told him he couldn’t watch that PG-13 movie. But then, what happens if the judge presides in his favour? Then a PG-13 movies is no longer for those 13 and up without parental guidance, it really then becomes a PG-10 movie. Stupid, stupid, stupid. These people really needed to think. As the old saying goes “the only thing common about common sense is that it’s not very common,” and this really applies to everyone involved here. Except perhaps the father, who just didn’t want creepers, well, doing you know what to pictures of his 12 year old daughter, what an asshole.

Canadian Bill C-268: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Trafficking Minors

April 6, 2009

    “Member of Parliament Joy Smith has tabled a bill that would create a minimum prison sentence of 5 years for anyone convicted of trafficking a minor.

Canada’s Criminal Code currently makes no such distinction and allows judges the discretion to sentence anywhere from 0-14 years for trafficking offences.

Imani Nakpangi, the first person in Canada convicted of human trafficking involving a minor, received a three year sentence for the trafficking of a 15 year old girl but was credited 13 months for pre-trial custody. He made over $350,000 sexually exploiting her over two years before she was able to escape. Essentially he will spend less time in jail than he did exploiting her.

Last year, Montreal resident Michael Lennox Mark received a two-year sentence, but with double credit for the year served before his trial, the man who horrifically victimized a 17-year-old girl over two years spent only a week in jail after his conviction (Smith, unknown).”

    I do not know about you but when I read this it really struck a nerve. I mean, a man kidnaps a 15 year old girl who is not even old enough here in Canada for consensual sex and then he prostitutes her out to strange men for over two years and in the end he gets just 23 months. Who knows what kind of shit she went through and is most likely still going through. The fear and the physical, mental and emotional abuse that took place are horrifying to think about. Truly try to imagine yourself locked up by a stranger and then your daily duties are to pleasure random men. They might be clean shaven well dressed men or haggard I have not been near clean water in weeks kind of dirty. They could have AIDS or who knows what kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Now how about having all of this going through your mind and being your daily routine while at the same time crying yourself to sleep every night fearing that you will never be free; free of the pain, free to see your friends and free to be with your family. It is making me sick just thinking about it, and it is making my blood boil.

As pointed out this thing called Imani Nakpangi will spend less time behind bars than his victim did being his slave, and there is no other term appropriate for it. In my opinion 5 years minimum is a slap on the wrist compared to what they should be getting. And it never occurred to me that a person’s life, safety and well being were worth so little that we would actually have to legislate a law forcing our judges to punish these animals. Since when did we care more about the criminal than we do about the victim? In Canada it seems to happen far too often for any degree of comfort. Personally I think that it says a lot about our country and our judges that we had to take this step. To me it is just another sad example of why our judicial system needs to have an overhaul.

I support Bill C-268 X 10.


Smith, J. (unknown). Support Bill C-268. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from Facebook:



A Little Something about Myself

April 5, 2009

    My name is Joshua Peters, I just turned 27 a week ago and I am getting married in June. My fiancée is a beautiful young woman who shall remain anonymous; in any case she has brown hair and brown eyes. Anyways, I am also a student at the Lethbridge College in, you guessed it, Lethbridge Alberta Canada. It is a small city of around 80,000 people many of whom attend either the college or the University of Lethbridge.

    Right now I have two weeks left in my semester and there are dozens of tests, case studies, presentations and papers that are coming due all too soon. But enough of me, the main purpose of this blog is, aside from talking about what is occurring in my life, to discuss politics, religion, business and anything else that either inspires or bugs the hell out of me.